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Preparing for Pregnancy...

I first visited Mina following the recommendation of a good friend who specialises in pre-conceptual care and who herself had greatly benefited from Mina’s expertise. My aim was simply to get my body as strong as possible in preparation for pregnancy rather than as a result of any particular problems or concerns – except that of being in the latter part of my 30’s and knowing that time was not entirely on my side! Mina has a wonderful gentle approach, she provides confidence but never glosses over issues. She is an excellent listener during the consultations and one immediately feels confident that she has the welfare of her clients very much at heart and most particularly that one is in the hands of an expert in her field. Mina has a holistic approach in terms of checking that I was taking rest, eating healthily etc knowing that no one approach can work alone. I became pregnant within a few months of having regular acupuncture sessions and had a healthy pregnancy during which time I continued sessions on a regular basis. Mina supported me at all stages – even in the hospital during labour – and in the weeks after birth when I needed to regain my energies. It is impossible to directly attribute such resultant joy to the acupuncture but I strongly believe that the acupuncture contributed greatly. I would recommend Mina to anyone trying for a baby whether proactively as in my case with no particular known problems, or in response to having difficulties conceiving. (F.P.)

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In Pain...

I have been receiving treatment from Mina since 2002 when another alternative therapist whom I trust recommended her as an skilful healer.

Mina’s training in traditional acupuncture enables her to explain in a simple way why acupuncture works. Whenever I asked questions, fuelled by anxiety or scare-mongering media stories about alternative medicine, she has been able to quell these fears by providing me with a clear explanation of what she is doing, why the use of the needles would not harm me and why this particular treatment would work for me.

She is an excellent listener who is able to grasp what I tell her about physical sensations and emotions and to offer me a great deal of wise, often practical, counsel that has really helped me. I get almost as much from her insights and sage advice as from the physical treatment!

But above all her treatment works! I suffer from a bone disorder called Paget’s Disease, the main symptom of which is severe pain. I’m a keen dancer and walker and have been afraid that the pain would increase as the years went on until it became unbearable and I would be unable to continue these activities. With Mina’s help, this has not happened. After a session with her I experience a distinct easing of pain which keeps me going and supports my determination to manage this discomfort and to do all I can to prevent unnecessary deterioration.

When I reported to her that the heat generated by exercise also helped to keep my pain at bay, Mina reminded me that what is true externally is also true internally and advised me on the types of food that, according to Chinese medicine, would help me stay fitter and keep the pain under control. I took her advice, altered my food patterns and found that this did indeed make a difference.

Mina is a caring, empathetic, well-trained practitioner. She takes a holistic interest in her clients and I have found that extremely supportive and beneficial. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to find a truly effective acupuncturist. (B.A)

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IVF ...

Hi Mina
It's been some time since I last visited you last year and I hope you remember me. I wanted to drop you a note and let you know of a development - I am now 27 weeks pregnant with twins! I really wanted to get in touch and say thank you. Although there is still some of the journey still to go, I have no doubt that your treatments and also the conversations we had durning our sessions, helped me to see many things differently and definitely helped to relax my mind before entering the IVF process again. I can't thank you enough for that. Over the years I have seen many people on the journey to try and have a baby and I value the sessions with you over anyone else that I saw. I think you are a very wise lady indeed!
Many many thanks, K.

I've experienced acupuncture before but never to Mina Heari high standards. She is a very professional, caring and attentive practitioner. She is a good listener, takes thorough notes and gives you all her attention during the session. Her treatments are effective, enjoyable and affordable. They have made a real difference to my life. I would highly recommend her to anybody that values care and professionalism. You will be in good hands! (M.C.)

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I cannot recommend Mina highly enough. Over the last 15 months she has supported me through some challenging times including bereavement and fertility concerns. Mina is extremely professional and her calm approach instantly put me at ease from my first visit. She is very thorough in her practice taking time to listen to my thoughts and concerns before tailoring each treatment accordingly to focus on specific areas. Her advice has been invaluable, she is always able to provide a different prospective on a certain situation or concern and provide reassurance to me. I always leave my appointment with Mina feeling lighter, calmer and relaxed. ( L.M. )

I've been seeing Mina for acupuncture since 1997. She is brilliant, intuitive, compassionate, knowledgeable and accurate. A total professional. I don’t live in London anymore but I make time for an appointment every time I visit. Her treatments help with jet lag and I always leave feeling immediately grounded and extremely relaxed. Whatever the reason for a treatment, she treats the whole Self. The BEST in London! (TC G)

I have used acupuncture frequently for over twenty years and have found it useful for many things. I have also studied it. When I first met Mina it was a different experience than I had previously had. She works very gently but very deeply and seems to be able to hold a space in which you can heal. Mina has an understanding of self or soul, where we come from perhaps, even why we are here. She has always been able to meet me wherever I am, understand what is going on, give me wisdom into the situation and needles to help move things through. There is a sense she is doing more than adding something to help; she has an ability to take something away to allow the space to add something. This combination is for me unique with acupuncture and allows faster and more profound healing. She is also warm, personable, reliable and professional. I liked her the moment I met her. I honestly think you are lucky if you have found her and I would recommend her highly to anyone open to the wonders of acupuncture. (J.S.)

I would highly recommend Mina to anyone who wishes to find a truly effective fertility specialist in South West London! (J.B.)

I have been seeing Mina for many years now and it is the most worthwhile thing I do for my health and wellbeing (H.M.)

You would be hard pressed to find a more professional, dedicated, caring and competent acupuncturist. (K.R)

I sought out Mina after moving to Clapham. I have a long term gastrointestinal ailment and Mina's treatments have been excellent in helping my body come back into balance. Mina is extremely knowledgeable, she has a wonderful way of making the whole process very calming and uplifting. I cannot recommend her enough. (R.S)

Mina is hands down the most incredible acupuncturists I've come across. I've been seeing her for about a year and over the course of our sessions have felt better in practically all aspects of my health. She's an incredible listener, very empathetic, wise, and really takes the time to get to know you. I feel super safe in her hands and always walk out of our sessions feeling light and calm. I cannot recommend her highly enough - a truly incredible healer! (Y.A)

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